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The Pelican Centre is a registered charity and is run by a dedicated team of permanent staff and volunteers. The facilities offered include full size historic swimming pool, well equipped air conditioned gym and community hall and are open to all members of the public. Part and full memberships offer great value and includes fitness classes as well as adult gym & public swimming access.

The Majestic Theatre Tyldesley

The Majestic Cinema 1923

The Majestic Cinema opened in April 1923, the cinema had one screen and had seats for 950.
The Majestic Cinema closed in 1963 and it was purchased by the local council, who converted it into a swimming pool. Tyldesley Swimming Pool was opened in 1964.

The pool became home to Tyldesley Swimming and Water Polo Club (TSWPC) after the closure of Tyldesley Union Street baths in 1960. TSWPC has been in existance since 1876 and celebrated 140years of continuing existance in 2016. Other clubs including Wigan Canoe Club & Barton Sub Aqua club can be found at the Pelican Centre.

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Proposed Closure 2011

In 2011 we were told that Tyldesley Swimming Pool was likely to be closed for two reasons. Firstly, it was the oldest and most expensive to maintain and secondly, it had the fewest number of people using it., a group of us got together and on 1st April, 2012 we took it over and it has been a very interesting journey ever since.

Nationally, we are not on our own. One in three pools is under threat of closure and shockingly, at the end of junior school, 50% of our children can’t swim. For us, shutting the pool was therefore not an option because we realise that some people in our area would be unable to find the money to travel to another pool.

Tyldesley Pool

Refurbishment 2014 & 2016

A Sport England grant was put to very good use, alongside monies that we had pulled together to carry out a £70,000+ project to refurbish all the changing rooms. We are hoping to continue the refurbishment, particularly at poolside, so will be going in for another grant in this regard.

In April 2014 we celebrated the swimming pools 50th Birthday a great achievement.

At the back of the swimming pool was a room which originally had been a billiard hall and more recently used as a Herutage store room by the local council. We were fortunate to receive lottery funding in 2015 to completely refurbish this building and convert it into a modern gym and community hall.

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Heritage funding

It is our ultimate ambition to get some Heritage funding to renovate the exterior of our fine iconic building, which has played a part in our society for nearly 90 years.
The Pelican Centre relies on the help and support of many volunteers who are managed by a small core of paid staff. Our volunteers are given full training free of charge.
If you are interested in volunteering at the pool please contact Natalia@pelicantyldesley.co.uk or 01942 882722

The Pelican Centre receives no ongoing financial support and is funded through the community using the facility. All admissions help to keep the facility open.